Mandragora Records
P.O. Box 219
Greenfield, MA 01302
Mandragora Records is an artist-run DIY record label that specializes in pure psychedelic noise and experimental musick.

Mandragora Records was formed in 2001 by Erik Amlee as an outlet for his own recordings amassed over 10+ years and as a publisher of extreme psychedelic music and sonic exotica. The primal vision of the label's oeuvre was expressed through both archival re-releases, including the Ur-Text of Crackhouse's "I" and the sample wonderland of Voodoo Mechanics "CHAOTIKA", and the modern works of Rezanate, Paradise Camp 23, and the Bull Anus. This initial thrust of weird creeped-out fung was celebrated with the Mandragora Sampler mix, which cuts up the first 9 releases (including the forthcoming Crackhouse "Rocks" and "sleepy time, quiet time") into a full-length excursion into the mind of Mandragora. The next phase of production came with the critically acclaimed Tryptaphonic Mind Explosion comp, Robot vs. Rabbit's CD debut, and the "Classic Live" CDR series of mind-bending warts'n'all bootleg recordings.

2005 saw the end of the first phase of Mandragora with a trio of perhaps more sophisticated albums of pure musick, a new series of sitar heavy joints, and the 23rd disc reprinting the very first Paradise Camp 23 cassette.

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